The deadline for applying to this position gas expired. European Maritime Safety Agency


Call for Applications: EMSA/AST/2021/03 - Reserve List for a Financial Verifier/Initiating Agent

Reminder before applying to EMSA Vacancies:

You must submit your application electronically solely via the EMSA website. Applications by any other means (hard-copy or ordinary e-mail) will not be accepted.

Please note that:

  • To make an EMSA on-line application you will need to create your EMSA profile using a valid e-mail address and a password. Once you click on Continue/Apply below, you will receive instructions on how to create your profile and to apply for the vacancy you have chosen.
  • Once you have created your EMSA profile, any correspondence regarding your application must be sent or received via your EMSA profile. His essential that you retain the same e-mail address for the duration of the selection process. We recommend that you check your profile regularly.

If recruited, you will be requested to supply documentary evidence in support of the statements that you make for this application. Do not send any supporting or supplementary information until you have been asked to do so by the Agency.

If you are applying for an SNE (Seconded National Expert) post, however, do bear in mind that written proof of sponsorship should be sent to the Agency by your national authorities before the closing date for the vacancy.

For any enquiry, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, or send an e-mail to